Love, Relationship, Commitment

Sometimes we just get tired, not of loving but of hoping. Hoping that one day whatever it is that we give will be reciprocated. I just woke up one day all these spontaneously came out of my heart… I want us to go on living the way we used to before we came into each other’s life. Now, I have realized that commitment is necessary in a relationship. It is not because it will give me the right or the authority to tell a person what I want to happen. It is because commitment makes me feel certain that whatever we share is going to lead us somewhere.It’s a nice feeling to enjoy being with somebody not because of who or what he is but because you can’t think of yourself in another place with another person. But a relationship goes deeper than that. And that is where commitment comes in. I may be wrong, but I firmly believe that love shouldn’t be limiting. It must allow the person involved to be who they are and to go on with their lives. One only needs to change if it is his/her choice. Nobody must assume a personality that is not his/her just because it is what the other wants him/her to be. If this happens, one must tell his love one to start looking for that person. I have learned not to expect anything from my partner, I realized that too many expectations will only lead to many disappointments since we don’t have the same frame of mind. I respect him and I am aware that he is a different person. I’ll continue giving as long as I can, but when I don’t feel like doing it anymore, I’ll stop. Love is not something one asks for. It is something freely given.Sometimes, we are blinded with lies and false hopes. Been there, done that— a very looong time ago. But now, I am a fool no more what would you choose? A relationship that last but full of selfishness and lies or a relationship that didn’t last because you’ve been brave enough to face the truth? Think about it…


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