Move on, It’s a Decision.

I realized the the key to moving on is acceptance. It is not the break up or the crying stage that is making it seem difficult for you to do it, but the part where you miss doing the things you used to do with him. You miss the person that you are when you’re with him. The person you were that only you and him have ever known. How you manage to joggle the things you need to do and yet you still find time to spend with him… even if it is, sometimes, not right.

 Moving on is accepting that some things are not meant to be. Accepting that your hopes are useless and your dreams are now nightmares you only create. It is dealing with the fact that he’s no longer around, and not coming back. It is putting a stop to believing that there is still a chance. Accepting that memories belong to yesteday and you have to leave them behind. I’d always ask my friends ” How do I move on?”. A friend of mine would always tell me “Cut all connections, unfriend him on Facebook.” I’d always drop that idea because I was thinking, that someday, one day I will no longer want him, and he’ll see my pictures and realize that I’m having the best time of my life and he does not matter to me anymore. And she would reply ” And you don’t effin’ know if he would even give a shit!” and kaboom! she has a damn point. 

It is stopping to live your life for him. It is waking up not looking forward to see him, hear from him, or spend the day with him. It is being courageous enough to put him out of your life and worst, out of your mind. It may take a month or two, a year or so, depending on how you cope with the fact that the “something” you had before is now called “nothing”. It’s like being in a casino and realizing that you’re out of chips and has nothing to bet any further. 

Moving on needs a lot of courage and requires a big decision to be made.It is deciding to put an end to your miseries and move forward. It is having the courage to face the person again after a long time and conquering your fears. It is finding out that you no longer long for him. It is learning that leaving yesterday behind was the best thing you’ve done since then. Moving on is best achieved when you look to brighter things in life and stop being a prisoner of the past. When you know that the person who used to make you happy, is now the one who’s making you miserable, prefer to not to hold on to that person anymore. Remember that it is not always worth it to hold on but it is sometimes better to move forward. Love yourself. Self-preservation. Have the COURAGE, DECIDE AND MOVE ON.


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