Let’s Call it A Year!

2011 has truly given me ups and downs. Though I’d say it has made me a better person. It has thought me that giving up on some things will open new doors for me.  That acceptance is the key to happiness and contentment. It has thought me to love myself  so I could love others more. To be a better mom to my girls. And to work harder to give them the best that they deserve.

To be patient in waiting. It has thought me to trust God more for he knows what’s best for me. This year has thought me that some things aren’t really meant for me. And  better things are in store for me. I have learned to love my friends more and those who truly care. I have learned to appreciate people who matter to me and those to whom I matter too. I have learned to choose my battle and win them. I have cried a river but laughed longer and better. Made mistakes. Not judge others. Smile. Love. And forgive. And most of all I became a stronger person.

To 2011, thanks for the wonderful year!  I’m ready for 2012, bring it on baby!


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