I have been wanting to add this page to my blog site ever since but couldn’t find the time to even update or add a new entry until yesterday when I decided to post a new one. I love ALDUB so much so I decided to create a page especially dedicated for them. Fast forward to today –> Got home at around 6PM today, checked IG to look for more kilig BTS photos from last Saturday’s EK date but found a post with a comment about BV sa Twitter. Sugod ako sa Twitter to find out what this was all about and  voila! beastmode lahat ang ALDUB Nation. Bilang marami akong nabasang tweets defending Maine, nanginginig pa akong nag-imbestiga at nag halungkat ng mga tweets about Maine and Alden. I came across this post about R at sunod sunod ng naglabasan ang mga tweets explaining to me what happened. Ayun na nga! Nanggagalaiti akong binasa pa more ang mga tweets and hindi ko na rin naiwasan na magsalita about the issue. And here’s my take on it:


RI liked a Hate Tweet About Maine: 

I never hit on that ♥ button if I myself do not agree or really like a tweet. And if ever I do, that would mean two things – I like it and I agree with it. You wouldn’t like a tweet/post/status for no reason at all. Otherwise you just scroll down and let it pass as if you saw nothing. Crystal clear.


RI replied to a question by JA’s fan:

We, especially YOU RI does not need a reminder that the people involve here are celebrities, Whether it’s JA, Maine or Alden. Giving false and baseless information about a certain celebrity will create gossip or chismis, showbiz yan eh, sa Pilipinas pa ba? Especially if the celebrities involve are as big as Maine and Alden. Seryoso ka ba? Ah hindi sabi mo nga pala joke diba? Ang problema ko sa joke mo RI, bukod sa waley sya, eh lalo mo pa nilagyan ng gatong yung hindi mamatay matay na feud between JA’s and ALDUB fans. Bilang itong mga fans ni JA eh hindi maka-move on tulad ng idol nila, na sinakyan mo pa! And to even joke about Alden’s relationship status on Twitter was just so irresponsible, insensitive — douche bag! To think na for sure naman alam mo na nag-aaway matagal na fans ng mga toh diba? And to add to that JA’s fans rejoiced and used your affirmation to even bash ALDUB Nation. Oh diba ang husay mo? Galing mo rin mag joke eh noh?


RI liked a HATE Tweet About Maine (part 2):

On a different angle about liking that hate tweet, you agreed to it and I was wondering how your face looked like when you read the tweet and liked it. Gusto ko i- joke yung face mo ng punching bag! That’s the least we expect from someone like you. By doing so, you just joined those pack of bullies. Sobrang hurtful non to ALDUB nation. Such act shouldn’t come from you.


RI Posted a Picture of his Dog in Yaya Dub outfit:

Ah eto wala na ko explanation dito! This is absolutely below the belt! So when I saw the HT to boycott sps. I am 101% with ALDUB Nation! I will not use sps HT ever again. Wala ng usap usap toh. Bastusan na toh!


Thank you ALDEN for speaking up:

I cried when  I saw your tweet. Thank you for once again showing us how gentleman you are and how you love Maine and this fandom. We believe you! We love MaiDen | ALDUB until the end. We are with you in your journey to forever!



Sorry I can’t use the whole name of the two people in this post. they don’t have a place in my world. Hindi ko kaya banggitin. ktnxbye!


#WeGotYourBackAlden #RespectMaineMendoza #ALDUBForever


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