Bakit nga ba ako hooked sa ALDUB?

In the early days of acquiring the habit of watching TV when I was younger, I remember there would only be one show that I see my parents watch every single day during lunch time —- Eat Bulaga. In  the days when it would be shown before Valiente and oh I remember there was also Analuna and others. So that would somehow give you an idea of how old I am today haha. I can still recall the segments and contests Eat Bulaga had back then. I know there were Little Miss Philippines, That’s my Pogi, She’s Got the Look and more. I guess I can call myself an Eat Bulaga baby.

I don’t really watch TV. I read books during my free time or surf the net. I hate watching telenovelas where everything was so predictable. You know the lead star will have an amnesia following an accident. Or the madrasta or half sister is always the kontrabida. There’s the diary, the secret of the family, the lost mother, the poor girl who will take revenge to those who belittled her once. Ekis yan sobra. So I only watch two shows – NEWS (24 Oras) and Eat Bulaga. I remember my friends would talk about local celebrities with me around and all the while I thought they were talking about a friend or office mate. One day I interrupted their conversation and said “Sinong cute? Anong department parang di ko naman nakikita yun?” and they laughed together all at once. Only to find out in the end, after nila tumawa ng halos walang katapusan na they were talking about a PBB cute guy pala. (So ganun ako ka ignorant sa local shobiz).

Balik tayo sa Eat Bulaga, July 4, 2015 while watching my fave segment One for All, All for Juan, Lola Nidora rode a boat and of course with her always grand entrance, was with this girl who I thought looks familiar. So I said, ah I know her, sya yung nag da-dubsmash! I even said bakit sya? Dapat si Ainah. At that time I’ve only seen a few videos of Maine. So I thought Aina was the better dubsmash sweetheart. Until the DATE came, July 16, 2016, the birth of the phenomenal love team ALDUB, I said there’s something charming about her and syempre tinamaan agad ako dun sa first kilig moment nya with Alden Richards with that famous smile upon seeing Alden on split screen. And the rest is history and my life was never the same again…

This is my first time to ever follow a local celebrity. I know Alden Richards before ALDUB and I find him really cute during the loveteam with Louise Delos Reyes. I even said– katipo nya si Aga Mulach or John Lloyd Cruz dapat alagaan toh ng GMA. My first time to buy a magazine with Alden or Maine on the covers. I reactivated my Twitter and started following these two and the other Twitter fan club accounts. I would spend the whole day tweeting to help ALDUB Nation reach the target number of tweets per day. Nauubos oras ko kaka- stalk sa IG and Twitter looking for BTS photos, updates and TVCs, interviews and name it lahat inaabangan ko. It’s my first time to ever admit on my Facebook being a fan of any local celebrity much more be part of a fandom and heck! I am so damn proud of it! haha!


One day I was asked a question by my husband — ” Eh bakit nga ba ALDUB?”

I was struck and thought yes bakit nga ba ako baliw na baliw sa kanila ngayon? I tried to enumerate the reasons and there are just too many of them but here are a few:

  • Watching Kalyeserye brings smile to my face. Yung first time na serye na hindi ka naiinis sa bida/kontrabida kasi instead kinikilig ka
  • Yung habang kinikilig ka sasabayan pa ng mga banat ng JOWAPAO so mamatay ka na rin sa kakatawa
  • Magaan panoorin ang kalyserye, unlike other teleseryes, masarap toh panoorin. Masaya, kilig and after watching the show nakangiti ka pa rin.
  • First to see a female lead star na walang arte. Yung instead na mag inarte at mag-maganda, ayun puro wacky! That I think is the reason why a lot of people love The Maine Mendoza – no pretensions, walang arte, be who you want to be, even if it means being crazy then go ahead.
  • It’s exciting, I always look forward to the next episode. Kasi nga masarap sya panoorin. Eto yung maalis lahat ng pagod mo, ng stress mo and even when you’re sad and walang lovelife, feeling mo inlove ka at kikiligin ka talaga.
  • Because they put a very thin line between reality and fiction. You don’t know if it’s for reel or real. Pero madalas iniisip mo na totoo sya! Kasi naniniwala ka pwede sila magkatuluyan. And sa iba pa, mag sstart ka na maniwala na pwede rin mangyari sayo yun.
  • The good values and Filipino cultures that the show has re-lived. Mostly hindi na pinaniniwalaan ng mga kabataan ngayon. Thanks to Kalyeserye for teaching again the values of waiting for the right time because it’s going to be worth it.
  • I’m hooked to seeing the natural reaction of Maine Mendoza na kinikilig. At pag kinikilig sya, pustahan mas kinikilig pa ko!
  • That split screen romance is brilliant! Kudos to the writers of KS. First time to ever kiligin to two people who only do split screen kiss yet halos ipa- barangay ka ng kapit bahay mo sa lakas mo sumigaw. While others hug and kiss on national TV, and ALDUB split screen pa lang dami na nauubusan ng oxygen, grabeh out of stock lagi.
  • The vision it gives you that chivalry is not dead. That there are still men out there who will treat you right and who will respect you. That being Godly is way cooler than any other stuff youth today are into.
  • And that there is FOREVER, that true love do exist.

I could go on and on for the many reasons why I love ALDUB and we can never run out of reasons to love this LT. Thank you to Eat Bulaga for this wonderful and amazing Kalyserye. We can always have good night sleep and beautiful mornings knowing that smiling and laughing and family are most important things in life.



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