Maine Mendoza’s Top 10 Gorgeous Photos

I know you guys would probably have downloaded/took a screen capture of Maine’s photos whether you’ve seen them on her Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook or from a friend’s post or an account you follow. Well, your not alone. And not just that I’m sure your phone has all the photos of Alden and Maine and especially both that you would go as far as deleting your own photos to make way for ALDUB’s most precious pictures 🙂 in case your memory run out of space for more saving and screen caps haha!

So to start our New Year right (aside of course from Alden’s kilig filled birthday celebration on EB and SPS) and with a smile. Here’s a collection of Maine’s gorgeous photos IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (alam nyo na yan hehe). Let me know your thoughts about it in case I miss out on any other photos in the comment box. And please subscribe to my blog for newest update and articles about AlDub|MaiDen and don’t forget to share!


This photo is probably one of the first we’ve seen her not on her usual wacky shots. As per her stylist Liz Uy, during her starting months, they rarely was able to capture her photo in normal pose as she was always in her wacky face but they absolutely know how beautiful she is.














This photo was prior to her joining Eat Bulaga. Evidently shows how naturally gorgeous Maine is. Look how beautiful her eyes are. Absolutely a head turner, very chic!













Even in a black and white photo nothing beats the aura this lady is exuding. Such a beautiful lady in big curls and naturally pout lips. Maine’s eyes are the type of brown that was like a sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness.














Remember the time when a fan asked for the shade of lipstick Maine was using in one of the @kristbansuelo’s Instagram post? Ruby Woo from Mac and after that boom! Reportedly it had gone out of stock in just a couple of days. This photo is an evidence of how great she is in rocking any lippie. With naturally pout lips and beautiful face, no wonder she is now the official endorser of Loreal Paris.
In one of her many magazine covers, Maine shows how chic she was and absolutely one of the most beautiful young stars today. The Magazine was sold out in just a few days after its release. And now in its nth printing and along with the other magazines she graced, no question Maine is a sought after cover girl today.
Tied with the picture on the left. This photo was taken during the Bulaga Pa More Dabarkads Edition Grand Finals. Rocking this red dress from Regine’s Boutique Maine’s performance was made even more beautiful. Maine danced and showed off her drumming skills during the performance.
Who would’ve thought this shy introvert girl will be the next Rejoice Girl that will grace our TV screens and make it big as an endorser. Her siblings tweeted and showed support how pretty their little sister was. Guilty as charged, after this TVC was out. I immediately switch to buying Rejoice again. Truly an effective endorser. No wonder there are still products lined up waiting for her management’s yes for her to become their nest brand ambassador.
Photo taken by BJ Pascual. Maine’s messy hair don’t care look! Absolutely stunning!
Photo taken by no less than Mark Nicdao. Maine is nothing short of gorgeous in this photo. A truly amazing work of The Mark Nicdao. Our queen shows she can go from adorable to fierce. One the best and one of my favorites!
Maine’s one of best photos to date. Fierce as she was in this photo taken by BJ Pascual. It also her current DP in her IG. This girl maybe young in the showbiz industry but definitely has proven a lot in a short span of time. With all the endorsements she currently has, a box office movie and an award for Best Supporting Actress in the recent MMFF. Maine is absolutely taking the local showbiz industry by storm. Still a long way to go but she is amazingly doing well. You are one of the brightest young stars today and will absolutely continue to shine. Your fans are with you every step of the way! Keep it on fire Maine!