One Day You Will Thank The Guy Who Broke Your Heart.


We often push ourselves to do the best we can no matter what. Be it career wise, friendship, family and relationships are not an exception. As a matter of fact no matter how many times a relationship fails we still try and do our best because we believe that love is worth fighting for. And yes it is. At a particular point in time a person was worth fighting for.

Until he became a different person. He wasn’t the person you fell inlove with anymore. He became a stranger. Things between you became cold. The connection was gone. You don’t seem to understand each other. Things just changed. Everything became complicated in ways you don’t understand and cannot explain. You both just fell apart. You will try, yes, because you believed he was the one. You dreamt he was for keeps. But you were wrong.

YOU TRIED TO WORK IT OUT until you lost yourself in the process. You also became a different person. You were always jealous. You were always out of focus. You skipped meals. You even skipped work. You felt living had lost its essence because the person you built your world around was gone and you thought life was worthless. He was a dream come true. Everything used to be so beautiful. So you kept trying. You kept on believing. You hoped there’s still a chance. Because you were too blinded, eventually you died inside. Everything fell apart. All about you was a mess. You were broken into pieces.

But let me tell you this. True love is unconditional. True love never leaves you. True love never dies. True love always finds its way. It always connects. The guy who broke your heart lost the kind of love only you can give. The guy who shattered your dreams will be the same reason for you to create a new and better one. One day you will forget about him. One day you will get over him. And then you’ll be able to move forward. You will no longer miss him. You will no longer think about him. You will begin to move on. You will start to love yourself more because you realized you deserve more. You deserve better than a MEDIOCRE KIND OF LOVE. Until one day you will thank him for breaking your heart because you became A BETTER VERSION OF YOU. You became MORE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. He will regret it and you won’t care anymore. One day you will find the one who will never lose the fire in his heart. The one who will make you feel better, lighter and happier. The one who will make you realize there is so much more than the love you used to get. You will know that you shouldn’t settle for less because it makes you give less too. One day you will thank the guy who broke your heart because you are about to meet THE ONE WHO WILL LOVE YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE HAVE.


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