Do not regret what once made you happy.

You may have regretted a lot of things you did in the past but I tell you not the ones that made you happy. Do not forget the ones that made you smile. Not those moments that made you feel vibrant and ecstatic. Remember the days when you don’t feel the numb of your feet after a long day of work, but you see the beauty of the day and the night ahead. The times when you never cared about what other people would neither say, nor think because that moment alone was utterly perfect.

Do not regret the person who you once fell in love with. He may not be the same person to you anymore but he once made you feel as if life was a fairy tale. Imagine all the crazy stuff you’ve done because you were not afraid to make mistakes knowing that he won’t judge. He made you do things you never knew you were capable of, because at that moment, you also believed in what he saw in you. You wholly jumped in the idea of a beautiful relationship because you believed it existed in you. Remember the part where you gave in and decided to love without reservation, because it made you who you are today.

Do not regret the times you spent with him, because those were a portion of your life you’ve given him. The times you were with him wouldn’t have been spent any other way because at that moment it was exactly what you wanted. We don’t choose who we fell in love with; we only embrace it and hope for the best. We don’t know how and why but in the end it made us who we are today. So do not regret it, the person who once made us happy may have been the same person who hurt us, but he’s the reason why now, we know better, we love wiser and we can be happier.

Our love stories are the kind of novels authors write. Those you see in the movies or hear our grandmas tell us about, the kind of memories which were not meant to be forgotten. There is no use in regretting the past but be grateful for it because it will help shape our future. We just go on and fell in love again; we fight for it and do what it takes to be happy. So you see? How you can regret something you do for yourself. Let me tell you, the things that made you happy were bigger than the regrets you ought to feel. Because when you give your time and effort, you give a part of your life. So live your life the way you want it, do what makes you happy. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Fall in love over and over again. But do not regret even a single piece of it.


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