Perks of a WAHM

I think it’s every mom’s dream to be able to spend as much time with her children as she can while still keeping her job. I spent so many years of my life working in Makati, renting a place there and only getting to see my kids on weekends when I come home to Laguna, where we live.

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Work at Home Mom – My Freelancing Story and Tips

I couldn’t emphasize more the importance of women helping their spouses in earning for the family. The cost of living increases each year. Basic commodities, bills, education, food and insurance take a big chunk in the income of the family. During the old times until early 90’s it was very rare to find a family where both the husband and wife work. It was a normal set up for Filipino families to have the father as the sole breadwinner. As a matter of fact some men do not allow their wives to work, for reasons (ego?)… Well I don’t know.

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