Exploring Bohol



I just want to share with you the experience I had in my recent trip in Bohol.

Our flight to Tagbilaran was at 6AM. That’s the usual time I pick whenever I book a flight because I want to make the most out of the first day of our travels. Unfortunately due to bad weather in Bohol our plane couldn’t land in Tagbilaran airport although the pilot did try twice. On the third try the pilot decided to re-route and land in Mactan Airport instead (two cities in an hour LOL). During our way to Mactan, the pilot announced that they will coordinate and arrange with their Cebu Pac Manila office and request to try to go back in Tagbilaran and try again. In the instance that we are still unsuccessful, our aircraft will go back to Manila. Imagine my frustration. I was worried about my non-refundable hotel accommodation. ‘How are they going to compensate us and are they going to rebook our flight and when.’ Paano na lang ang vacay huhubels. We landed in Mactan and waited for the aircraft’s clearance to go back in Tagbilaran. The thing is, Tagbilaran airport can only accommodate one aircraft at a time so we had to wait na maisingit ulit yung flight namin sa schedule. We waited in Mactan airport for more than two hours just sitting inside the airplane. Most of the people inside were Boholanons. To my surprise even though 3 hours na kami nag hihintay sa loob ng airplane I never heard anyone of them complain or call the attention of the flight attendants. They were just relaxed and patiently waiting until we get to fly again.

At that moment, they made an impression on me that the Boholanons are kind by nature. Wala talaga kahit isa na nagrereklamo. And I was impressed, bilib na bilib talaga ko haha ang bait nila. Kasi ako bwiset na bwiset na ko LOL. We left Mactan at 12:30PM (yes imagine the time wasted huhu) and thank God we successfully landed in Bohol.

On our way to our hotel. Manong tricycle driver served as our tourist guide and I realized how much they love Bohol, so much that they went out of their way to welcome the tourist. Manong gave us a few background about Bohol – that out of 47 municipalities, there’s only one city which is Tagbilaran. They have 3 Congressmen and 1 Governor. Their population is small and he even showed us a map of the whole province. He also offered us a ride if we want to see the tourist spots. We had a little chat with Manong and according to him he used to work in Manila as a security guard. Di raw sya nakakauwi noon kasi mahal ang pamasahe. The money he’s supposed to use pauwi, pinapadala na lang nya sa pamilya nya, until his wife died in 2002. He went home in Bohol and tried to find another job and took care of his kids. When Bohol found its way to attract tourists, it created jobs for the Boholanons. Manong bought a tricycle at yun daw yung ginamit nya para mapag-aral ang mga anak nya. Most of the tricycle drivers pick up tourists at the airport and take them to their hotels. According to Manong, his daughter recently graduated as Teacher and his son is on his 3rd year in college. Manong was very pleasant and warm during our 40 minutes trip to our hotel. He said nung gumanda ang turismo ng Bohol marami talaga sa kanila ang nag ka trabaho at nabuhay ang kanilang mga pamilya. Kaya mahal na mahal nila ang mga turista.

The Boholanons are napakabait by nature. The people even in grocery stores are always smiling and very helpful. Everyone you come accross with are always willing to help. The tourist attractions in Bohol are quite far away from each other but we still managed to see most of them, thanks to the motor for hire. Nag ala riding in tandem kami ni hubby LOL. The good thing though is that these tourist spots are all along the way to Chocolate Hills, the farthest and the last stop. The Tarsier sanctuary has about 100+ tarsiers they take care of and breed. We were not able to see the butterfly farm though because we didn’t know where it was but we went to Baclayon Church and Museum and others. Along the way, you will see a few churches still under renovation from the damage of the earthquake that recently shook the province. It was a great experience exploring Bohol. Alona beach in Panglao has fine white sand too just like that of Boracay. There’s not too much night life but there are nice bars you can chill and relax at. Their life is very simple. By the way, marami pa rin Koreans like in Bora haha! Pero hindi mag papahuli ang Russians and Chinese. Isang bus ng chekwa yung kasabay namin sa Tarsier sanctuary haha. The thing I enjoyed the most was the zipline. It was nerve wracking but totally worth it. We only got to know about the zipline during our lunch at the floating restaurant. Kasi while we were cruising the river bigla na lang may sumigaw sa taas haha. May dumaan nag zipline LOL. So we decided to try it. Just a tip wala silang atm mashado sa Panglao so bring cash hehe. We had quite a hard time looking for an ATM after we ate kasi we ran out of cash na. Good thing there was a rural bank where you can withdraw over the counter so napakapag zipline kami hehe. The exploration took us the whole day because Chocolate Hills is 75 kilometers from Alona beach and you have to make stops along the way to see the other tourist attractions so hindi naman sya nakapagod. You can also rent a car for P2500 but we decided to just rent a Mio because it’s cheaper and we can handle our own time. No driver to put a time limit on us but we can go anywhere we want at anytime and stop anywhere we want. Hotel accommodations range from P1000/night to as much as P8k/night (and higher). Food depends on your preference. You may go low cost or spend a little bit more on a good resto. 

Coming out of this experience I realized how interconnected we are to each other. We Filipinos help each other in one way or another. And it doesn’t hurt to be a little more patient. True enough our patience and attitude define us. Most of all, always be kind.

To my friends who haven’t explored the Philippines yet, it’s time you do so. Bohol is a must see. Next stop… in God’s will… Coron.

Work Hard. Save. Travel. Repeat.

POPOY x BASHA: Dear Girls, Here are the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Someone like Popoy


When probably asked if which movies you have seen more than 5 times ‘One More Chance’ would most likely come up on your list. Not to mention the second and final installment of this film – ‘A Second Chance’. I am not here to talk about second chances, but Popoy played by no other than one of the most incredible actors today – John Lloyd Cruz. This is certainly one of the reasons why we all fell in love with the movie and the characters because of the amazing acting skills of the actors.

When we were younger we wanted someone who is good looking, smart, sweet, thoughtful, kind and the list go on and on. When we ‘mature’, it may come with age for most but I must give the credit to experience, we no longer want too many things about who we want to end up with. But we just want someone who is God-fearing, smart and kind. This may be different from your preference but I guarantee that your list has narrowed down to two or three. Popoy has all but unfortunately he was WEAK. He was a man who gets knocked out pretty easily with pressure and insecurity. Yes he was insecure and he needs constant validation. On both films, he was disarrayed when the family business struggled meeting its client’s demand and the same happened when he put up his own construction firm. He took all the jobs he wanted until he and the company could no longer handle it. What came next? He got disoriented and lost control. Was he greedy? He was ambitious with no strategy. He’s your Mr. Know It All Guy with NO DISKARTE.

He didn’t tell Basha that the construction firm was going down rock bottom because he was insecure. He knew Basha could help him. He knew Basha is smart and she could help save the company. But why didn’t he tell her? Because he didn’t want truth to slap him in the face that she is better and smarter than him. So instead he went a drinking spree. You know these men who give you a strong facade yet they are the ones who are jealous of your friends, threatens to break up with you, talks about their exes and how they cheated on him, he stalks you on Facebook and other social media, checks your phone and overly sensitive to criticism. They are the ones who need validation. Career wise or personal, they need to be constantly told how good they are and all other things. Not that it’s bad but constant validation means weakness and insecurity. are insecure men worth dating? Hell NO. Be with a man who is confident of himself. Someone who knows what his capabilities are and at the same time humble enough to admit he can’t do all things. Be with someone who communicates in an open and effective manner. Communication is one of the most important foundations of any relationship. Instead of having long nonsense argument, a meaningful discussion is way better to settle differences. Be with a man who listens and emotionally responds to your needs. He should treat you with respect and dignity. Find out what are his priorities in life and relationship. Make sure he fights fair with you. It means no dirty-fighting, no name calling, no raised voices. Do not pull out old issues but instead find a resolution fair to all. You must share the same values. This will create a smoother relationship and better at solving conflicts not some guy who will mess up everything because he is afraid to hear your strong opinion. Because Popoy was afraid his shortcomings will reflect in Basha’s strength. And that’s the kind of guy you shouldn’t end up with.

I’m sorry Popoy and Basha fans. But unfortunately Popoy is not the kind of guy you should fall in love with. We can still love the movie though, but not Popoy.

One Day You Will Thank The Guy Who Broke Your Heart.


We often push ourselves to do the best we can no matter what. Be it career wise, friendship, family and relationships are not an exception. As a matter of fact no matter how many times a relationship fails we still try and do our best because we believe that love is worth fighting for. And yes it is. At a particular point in time a person was worth fighting for.

Until he became a different person. He wasn’t the person you fell inlove with anymore. He became a stranger. Things between you became cold. The connection was gone. You don’t seem to understand each other. Things just changed. Everything became complicated in ways you don’t understand and cannot explain. You both just fell apart. You will try, yes, because you believed he was the one. You dreamt he was for keeps. But you were wrong.

YOU TRIED TO WORK IT OUT until you lost yourself in the process. You also became a different person. You were always jealous. You were always out of focus. You skipped meals. You even skipped work. You felt living had lost its essence because the person you built your world around was gone and you thought life was worthless. He was a dream come true. Everything used to be so beautiful. So you kept trying. You kept on believing. You hoped there’s still a chance. Because you were too blinded, eventually you died inside. Everything fell apart. All about you was a mess. You were broken into pieces.

But let me tell you this. True love is unconditional. True love never leaves you. True love never dies. True love always finds its way. It always connects. The guy who broke your heart lost the kind of love only you can give. The guy who shattered your dreams will be the same reason for you to create a new and better one. One day you will forget about him. One day you will get over him. And then you’ll be able to move forward. You will no longer miss him. You will no longer think about him. You will begin to move on. You will start to love yourself more because you realized you deserve more. You deserve better than a MEDIOCRE KIND OF LOVE. Until one day you will thank him for breaking your heart because you became A BETTER VERSION OF YOU. You became MORE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. He will regret it and you won’t care anymore. One day you will find the one who will never lose the fire in his heart. The one who will make you feel better, lighter and happier. The one who will make you realize there is so much more than the love you used to get. You will know that you shouldn’t settle for less because it makes you give less too. One day you will thank the guy who broke your heart because you are about to meet THE ONE WHO WILL LOVE YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE HAVE.